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TROJENA Chedi: About



TEAM: Aspect Studios, UN Studio

SERVICES: Concept Landscape Design & Visualisation


Alexander Saunders Limited supported Aspect Studios in the development of the Concept landscape, developing strategies for the treatment of the mountain landscape that conserved the natural beauty of the rockscape, enhanced the guest experiences, connectivity and diversity, and re-imagined the cocnept of a mountain resort in the desert.

The Chedi Trojena will open within the giga project of Neom located along the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia.

General Hotel Management (GHM) has signed an agreement with Neom Hotel Development to manage the upcoming property.

The Chedi Trojena is located within the Slope Residences in Trojena’s Relax Cluster that focuses on rejuvenation and wellness programmes. There are a total of six clusters within Trojena: Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax and Fun.

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