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Rock Hotel Qiddiya copy: About

Rock Hotel Qiddiya

CLIENT: Qiddiya


SERVICES:Concept Landscape Design


Alexander Saunders Ltd collaborated with HKS on the design of 2 water park adjacent hotels in Qiddiya. The 2 concepts explored the history of Water & Rock in a unique, child fantasy each telling their own story.

As part of the service Alex led the landscape design and also produced a short film for the two schemes exploring the similarities and differences in their narratives. 

The tale states that a tectonic event in the history of Qiddiya, formed dramitic shifts in the rockscape. This carved an enormous crack that formed the foundation for the rock hotel while the event significantly altered the dominacne of water in the region leaving prehistoric sea creatures petrified to stone (forming the aqua hotel).

Rock Hotel Qiddiya copy: Text
Rock Hotel Qiddiya copy: Pro Gallery
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